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  • 1L of Cocktail Mix Every Month

  • Monthly Installments

Locked in for 1 year or cancel anytime options!

Month to Month Cocktail Subscription

Excluding GST/HST
Price Options
Month to Month
1 Year Commitment
C$25.00monthly/ 12 months
Cancel Anytime
C$20.00monthly/ auto-renew
    • Your first cocktail box will be delivered on the last day of the month following your sign up date.
    • Cocktail boxes are prepped fresh the day before mailout and will last up to 10 days when store in refridgerated temperatures
    • Refunds will not be provided to customers with locked in options. We will be happy to replace your box if there are any issues and will work with you on a resolution
    • If you have any issues please dont hesitate to contact us so we can make it right.
Make it a Cocktail- 50 ML

Make it a Cocktail- 50 ML

Excluding GST/HST

No product

Make it a Cocktail- 375Ml

Make it a Cocktail- 375Ml

Excluding GST/HST